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Testimonies of healing

In the past few weeks, we have received several testimonials of healing after Emmaus COM evenings and activities or in communion with other associations. Here is video and message from 3 of our dear brothers and sisters:

Eliane Stropoli from Tulon and

healing the sciatic nerve

“ I had an interrupted sciatic nerve and had been causing me nights for years, embarrassed by excruciating pain... Last night I participated for my first time in the PRAISE in FIRE with Father Baldo and the Healing Rooms with the partners in mission. P. Baldo had prophesied for me and afterwards I asked for prayer in the Halls of Healing. I had a good night, and today the pain is gone and even the physio confirmed it to me.

So I think I'm cured!

Amen, thank you Lord 🙏”.

Jean-Claude P. from Lyon and

the healing of the vertebrae

“ 7:45 p.m.: Michel, my brother-in-law is warning me of the arrival of a charismatic Italian priest during an inter-religious meeting. The meeting being scheduled for 7:30 p.m., I'm dead late, but determined not to miss such a meeting so close to home, I jump in my car. I discover a priest full of humor endowed with a pleasant volubility despite the "gate" of the language. it is addressed to everyone but especially to each one. After a few songs he announces that God sees a person suffering from the back, L4 L5 vertebrae. Immediately I introduce myself to Father Baldo and explain to him: I fell from a stepladder, from a ridiculously low height (1 meter).

I have suffered for five months from a pinching of the vertebrae caused by severe scoliosis. A treatment with anti-inflammatories reduced my pain but only partially, after having disturbed my digestive system. After the missionary's prayers I did not feel a noticeable improvement. On the other hand, the next day, after a very appreciated restorative night, my body had metamorphosed: all my muscular and nervous pains had disappeared. Today eight so a week later I'm still free. Thank you to all the minions who answered their call! ".


Eveline de l'Ardeche and

healing tendonitis

 I thank the Lord who cured me of tendonitis which was very painful and because of this, I was walking very difficult ".

Eveline de l'Ardeche present at a Miracles and Healing Evening organized by the AIMG of Lyon and preached by p. Baldo Alagna

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