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Our vision

Approach the “ruins”, the destroyed, the lost, the broken, to offer the Good News of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to improve the quality of Christian life in unity with people equipment, keys for healing and aids to more coherent and credible missionary transformation. For this we want to put in dialogue, according to the calls of the Second Vatican Council, approaches with the cultures in continuous evolution and the anthropological sciences and the neurosciences. 

Reference values


Organize fraternal life in a clear, natural and easy way, welcoming everyone as a family.


Offer concrete tools to become who we really are in front of God and ourselves.


Pay attention to dreams, needs, desires, calls from God and the church.


Align knowledge, skills, behaviors, beliefs and faith.


Create bridges in the face of all diversity by remaining in dialogue and inclusion.

  • UNIT

Enrich your life by interacting with different faiths, cultures and languages.


Go beyond limits and follow missionary models for constant growth.


Journey to Emmaus
... and back

In the Gospel according to Luke (chap. 24), we read the story of the two disciples of Emmaus who left Jerusalem after the death of Christ. Their communication is close to today's reality of Christian disciples on the way. They are like in a stressful reality and not easy to accept, sad, disappointed and confused but the Risen Jesus approaches them, accompanies them, they show the way, they enter the family unit, in a deep prayer and it burns their heart to do they go on a mission.

Thanks to an intuition, Father Baldo Alagna founded an association law 1901 with the objective of creatingevents ofevangelization and also offer with the help of a coach,theologians, preachers, witnesses Andbrothers or sisters elders in the faith oneequipment staff for the transformation missionary by remaining in the Culture of Pentecost and the current of grace of the charismatic or Pentecostal renewal.

The design of the Masterclass Training is characterized as a journey-journey to Emmaus in answer to the needs ofequipment Christians in this 3rdmillennium by letting Christ give us the meaning of the scriptures and our transformation.

Emmaus COM speakers

bakdo radio solo.jpg

P. Baldo Alagna 

popular priest and preacher


Fr. Baldo is passionate about the Word of God. After the Baccalaureate in Theology, he studied Communication Sciences at the Pontifical Salesian University (Rome). He is the director of Greater Glory (Christian pop music label) and he has also released 3 albums as a priest and deejay. One of the pioneers in Italy of missions on the beach (like Fastmission Beach), in discotheques (like God's party), AperiJesus, on radio, television and on social networks.  He is the founder of Emmaus COM.







319 Ave. Colonel Picot

83100 Toulon (FRANCE)

such. +33 7 49 19 05 05

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