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We want to offer 9 monthly modules in 1st level to enter anddevelop the freedom of the missionary call in the two areas of Christian discipleship according to the 2 biblical expressions of the Greek New Testament: 

  • parresia, as freedom in thecommunication

  • Andexousia, as freedom ofleadership


 Each participant is accompanied on this journey by the conferencestheoretical, rhelp oraccompanimentpersonal on your needs for change, transformation or on the realization of missionary dreams,exchangein small groups, moments ofprayer or spiritual meditation,workshopsoffering keys, tips and practical applications.


On Saturday theevening of praise charismatic immerses us in gratitude and hope. For Catholics we offer mass in the morning before the formation. 

Face-to-face or remote

The modules will be face-to-face or remotely (viaZOOM). Those who have completed the entire 2022/2023 Masterclass Training and have passed a validation test will be asked to become"Partners on a mission" Emmaus COM.

Registration for all modules must be received for each module before 15 days from the date of each module.

Emmaus COM :  Master class training
in Communication and Leadership
in the Culture of Pentecost at the service of the Mission



Pastors with “The smell of sheep”

Proposal for pastors who want to energize their ministry as a guide, teacher, minister, credible and close authority, with the aim of fulfilling the potential of their leadership in a rapidly changing world to achieve their pastoral vision.


Witnesses and leaders in the world

Proposal for committed lay people, families but also consecrated persons with the aim of releasing the potential of pastoral collaboration by activating the responsible role of a witness adapted to the world. We will propose work on oneself which can trigger a leap in the quality of commitment.


Talented young adults

Proposal for young adults (adult with + 18 years), in discernment or in vocational, social, missionary or professional orientation. The course offers adapted coaching and various workshops to confer the power (exousia) and the responsibility of the skills which allow to take important decisions, including for the orientation to the vocation or the realization of one's dream of apostolate, of business or artistic and professional life marked by the Gospel.