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Support Emmaus COM
to fight inflation

The economic context has a direct impact on the lives of many people. But Emmaus COM wants to be at the forefront to continue to help and evangelize. If the consequences of inflation are critical for many, we believe in Providence and  that money is functional in the face of emergencies and God's call.

So here is  a proposal: consider the opportunity  to make a donation to support the activities of Emmaus COM by paying attention to those who have difficulties, those who can not participate in the events, buy computer equipment and for  the studio in video streaming, pay for  internet subscriptions and communication applications to ensure and also to be able to afford several professional translators in order to make our services better and more efficient.

This year we are continuing events and missions in France, strengthening activities in Italy and  also starting in Lithuania! We have calculated  that to achieve these goals that allow us to ignite and bring the Glory of God, we will need €15,000!

It only takes 200 donors who make  a one-time offering of 75 € or a monthly offering of 7.50 € or a free offering, in short, for any proposal of support, contact us.

We operate in a technological and inexpensive way because, in doing so, we can allocate more of our funds to reach as many people as possible  and better organize healing events, masterclasses and equipment to improve Christian life. Our small team is distributed providentially and strategically throughout the France, Italy  and Lithuania. We are all volunteers and we all participate in the organization and activities of the Emmaus COM association. Our international team consists of 20 members and more than 60 mission partners.

 Jesus' mandate: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations" (Mt 28:19)! To make disciples is: to proclaim to people a quality of life that puts the Gospel into practice with consistency and credibility!

This is the mission of Emmaus COM…

Help us because we need you TODAY


We will be happy to answer you.

Contact us to tell us about your dreams or ask us questions that are important to you. Our satisfaction is to enlarge the family of those who live the dream of their life.

Merci pour votre envoi !

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319 Ave. Colonel Picot

83100 Toulon (FRANCE)

such. +33 7 49 19 05 05

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